Tournament Schedule

                                                                                                      (as of June 9th, 2022)




May 31st – 2nd                   cid:image001.jpg@01CB7CE6.62FBC2E0      Cobra Puma PGA Atlantic Spring Pro-Am                                       Cabot Links


June 20th – 24th                                    PGA Championship of Canada                                                           Beacon Hall, ON


June 27th – 28th                  cid:image001.jpg@01CB7CE6.62FBC2E0     PGA Atlantic Assistants’ Championship                                           Oakfield


June 27th – 28th                  cid:image001.jpg@01CB7CE6.62FBC2E0     PGA Atlantic Women’s Championship                                            Oakfield


June 27th – 28th                 cid:image001.jpg@01CB7CE6.62FBC2E0      PGA Atlantic Seniors’ Championship                                               Oakfield


June 27th                            cid:image001.jpg@01CB7CE6.62FBC2E0      PGA Atlantic Spring PAT #1                                                               Oakfield


July 28th                              cid:image001.jpg@01CB7CE6.62FBC2E0      PGA Atlantic Spring PAT #2                                                               Oakfield


June 28th – July 1st                               PGA Women’s Championship of Canada                             Bromont, PQ


June 30th – July 3rd                               Prince Edward Island Open (PGA Tour Canada)                       Dundarave


July 11th – 12th                   cid:image001.jpg@01CB7CE6.62FBC2E0      Srixon Cleveland Golf PGA Atlantic Zone Championship  Presented by Nike Golf         Gowan Brae


July 11th                             cid:image001.jpg@01CB7CE6.62FBC2E0       PGA Atlantic Summer PAT #1                                                           Gowan Brae


July 12th                             cid:image001.jpg@01CB7CE6.62FBC2E0       PGA Atlantic Summer PAT #2                                                           Gowan Brae


July 20th                             cid:image001.jpg@01CB7CE6.62FBC2E0         PGA Atlantic Pro-Junior Championship                                           Truro


August 5th – 7th TBC                            Island Green Podcast Stanhope Open                                             Stanhope


August 17th - 18th                                          Amherst Open                                                                                     Amherst


August 20th - 21st                                 Island Open                                                                                          Belvedere


August 22nd – 25th                                PGA Seniors Championship of Canada                                           Medicine Hat, AB


August 27th – 28th               cid:image001.jpg@01CB7CE6.62FBC2E0     Callaway PGA Atlantic Team Championship                                  Hampton              


August 30th                           cid:image001.jpg@01CB7CE6.62FBC2E0      PING PGA Atlantic Junior Tournament of Champions                 Amherst


September 6th                                        RBC PGA Scramble Regional Qualifier                                              Mill River


September TBC                                      Parrsboro Open                                                                                   Parrsboro


September 11th – 14th                          PGA Assistants Championship of Canada                                        The Algonquin


September TBC                                      Schooner Invitational Two Man Scramble                                      Chester


October TBC                                               Roger Burns Men’s Invitational Team Scramble                            Mountain Woods


October 1st – 5th                                    National RBC PGA Scramble Final                                                     Cabot Links


October 18th – 20th            cid:image001.jpg@01CB7CE6.62FBC2E0      PGA Atlantic Cup Presented by Levelwear                                     Kingswood


December 5th - 8th                              PGA Head Professional Championship of Canada                         Verrado GC, AZ




cid:image001.jpg@01CB7CE6.62FBC2E0 PGA of Canada Atlantic Event