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Hire a PGA Professional ... Leaders in the Game and Business of Golf


As part of our commitment to delivering success within the golf industry, the PGA of Canada Atlantic offers a complimentary Employment Service to all golf facilities. Many golf facilities have approached their hiring needs much like they have for years. Today’s golf industry has changed considerably and so have the needs of the golf facilities. Although some facilities have identical needs, many have very unique requirements and expectations. Through consultation, we will determine the exact needs of your facility and tailor an employment advertisement that will address those needs.

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Hire a PGA Professional


PGA of Canada Professionals:


  • PGA of Canada professionals are highly skilled and are considered experts in the game and business of golf.
  • Members have standardized training in all aspects of the golf industry, and are the most qualified to teach the game to men, women, juniors and children.
  • Members have the opportunity to enhance their skills through our world recognized certified instructional and coaching programs developed in partnership with Golf Canada and the Coaching Association of Canada
  • PGA of Canada professionals possess the business and professional skills necessary to manage expenses, while providing programs and services that generate revenues including having access to many specialized programs such as Future Links, Get Golf Ready and National Golf In Schools.
  • Have the experience, knowledge and expertise to manage the entire facility including start-up operations, marketing and promotions, budget and fiscal management, food and beverage operations, tournaments, merchandising and course maintenance.
  • Members promote a professional image and proudly represent your facility within the community and at professional events and tournaments
  • They exhibit excellent interpersonal and customer service skills to assist in attracting and meeting the needs of customers.
  • PGA members are effective leaders who can attract, train and retain a professional staff to manage your operations.


Hire a PGA Professional


PGA of Canada Golf Professionals are the logical choice to manage your facility.


PGA professionals belong to an association of over 3,700 men and women that successfully manage, teach and grow the game of golf. The camaraderie and networking power is a tremendous asset to any facility. The ability to gather and share expertise is invaluable.


The extensive business training and experience of PGA of Canada members is a valuable financial asset to any golf facility.


As a greater number of people throughout the country take up the game of golf, facilities become more active. With the golf and business expertise gained by retaining a qualified PGA of Canada professional, facilities can take full advantage of this activity and increase their profitability. The single most important influence on your entire golf program and volume of traffic through your course, clubhouse and golf shop is your golf professional.


PGA of Canada Professionals are highly educated in all aspects of the golf industry and are leaders in the game and business of golf. PGA Professionals know the game, and have the business and professional skills necessary to successfully manage and build your business while making the game more enjoyable for your customers.

Hire a PGA Professional


PGA of Canada members will excel in many different positions at your facility including but not limited to:


  • Chief Operating Officer
  • General Manager
  • Director of Golf
  • Head Golf Professional
  • Director of Instruction
  • Teaching Professional


Hire a PGA Professional




PGA of Canada Professionals have a passionate commitment to golf. They dedicate their careers to the sport and the business of golf. No one has a better understanding of the golf culture than the golf professional.


Because of their background in golf, professionals can fully relate to what golfers care about most. Many PGA of Canada members grew up with golf, competing as juniors, on collegiate teams or on professional tours before beginning their PGA training. Better than anyone, the PGA Professional understands how to cater to the right mix of services and programs to the golf clientele to ensure that they enjoy their experience.


The golf professional is the best at understanding the world of golf. Beyond speaking the same language as golfers, professionals can help translate the meaning of the latest developments in the golf industry today.


The golf world is experiencing explosive growth and change. There’s a constant stream of new equipment technology and other advances. A golf professional is an important resource for players to ask questions, to make sense of ground-breaking enhancements and to filter out the inevitable gimmicks in the marketplace.


Hire a PGA Professional


Education and Training


In order to meet the ever-changing challenges, requirements and expectations within the golf industry, the PGA of Canada ensures standardized training of its members through the PGA of Canada Training Academy.


Hire a PGA Professional


Business Success


A golf facilities solvency is based on maximum utilization of facilities, and a well-trained PGA of Canada professional can act as a catalyst for drawing more people to your facility. All of a professional’s efforts in coordinating golf activities lead to more play, and therefore, more revenue for a golf operation – helping to improve its bottom line.


Having a golf professional in your shop ensures your facility will be fully stocked with the most up to date merchandise available. As most golfers visit the golf shop before teeing off, an attractive, well-managed pro-shop will go a long way in contributing to the overall appeal of any golf facility.


A major focus of most golf operations is the practice facility and junior golf. Because of this orientation, helping people with their game is paramount to anything a golf professional does. Unqualified instructors can lead to poor play, resulting in frustration and a lack of enthusiasm for the game. But qualified professional instruction will increase a player’s enjoyment of golf and encourage greater use of the golf facility.


Properly run tournaments not only attract new business, but also promote greater awareness of the facility in the community. Greater use of amenities can mean higher revenues to a club or course in green fees, power cart rentals, dining room patronage, corporate golf outings and even membership sales.


Because of their extensive golf knowledge and business experience, PGA of Canada members are the most qualified executives for handling managerial responsibility at a golf facility. The golf professional is unquestionably the best promoter at a golf facility. The best kind of advertising is golfers telling other golfers about the great time they had at a particular club or course ... your PGA Professional enhances that.


Successful businesses and operations invest in quality people to manage their operations. A PGA Professional is not an expense; it is an investment in the health and welfare of a golf facility.


Hire a PGA Professional!