Canada Cup

PGA of Canada Atlantic is excited to announce that Neal Ryan of Modern Golf and Shaun Margeson of Oakfield will compete in the Sani-Marc / Fenergic Canada Cup presented by the City of Victoriaville at Victoriaville Golf Club. City of Victoriaville partners with several Canadian amateur and professional tours to allocate the available spots. This season, there are 156 spots available, distributed to professional and amateur tours, with PGA Atlantic taking up two. The Canada Cup will take place from August 8th – 14th

Ryan currently sits first in the PGA Atlantic Order of Merit and Margeson, who finished second at the PGA Atlantic Zone Championship, will replace Jordan Ells (TrackMan Canada), who is unable to attend. Both Ryan and Margeson will represent PGA Atlantic well and with pride.

Executive Director Lindon Garron had this to say “The PGA Atlantic is pleased to have two of our young PGA professionals demonstrate their skills at a higher level and we wish them all the best.”

To follow along with Ryan and Margeson, Golf Genius will have live score updates which can be found here: and more information on the event can be found here:

Best of luck Neal and Shaun!