Women's Golf Day

Event Date: May 28th to June 11th, 2024 

We invite all members to participate in any way they can, whether it's in-person or virtually. Let's make it happen. 

Women's interest in golf has grown steadily year after year, so it's important that we recognize this growth by providing opportunities for all women across the Maritimes


  1. Sharing a post on your social media #WomensGolfDayAtlantic #WDGA
  2. Hosting an event at your golf course (lessons, round of golf, etc.) and donate the proceeds to a local charity. 
  3. Female golfers, share your story on how you got into golf and tag us or use the hashtag. 
  4. Do a live feed of yourself playing a round of golf and tag us. 
  5. Attend a Women's Golf Day event at your local golf course. 

The more women see other women in golf, the higher the chances they'll want to participate themselves!